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A CleanShield Marshal
The Path to Health and Wealth

We offer a generous compensation plan with many earning methods to maximize your profits!

The CS Health Marshal

A Health Marshal is a CleanShield Distributor takes the opportunity to become health expert.  The natural health focus of the  CleanShield organization and products help you learn about the rapidly expanding field of alternative medicine.

You will discover the rapid growing, worldwide movement toward NATURAL healing methods. In time, and often from personal experience,  you will discover health methods and solutions that will change the lives of people.  

This doorway is wide open to those who become CleanShield Health Marshals. Enter this fruitful pathway of expanding knowledge that will change your family and their health.

The CS Wealth Marshal

What is a CS Wealth Marshal?  This is a person who takes steps, easy, proven steps provided by Cleanshield that will bring a growing financial future.  The Network online software, online training, team support, and experience gained in the this international organization will change your life.

A Wealth Marshal uses the tools of intelligence, diligence, and opportunity to change his life financially.  AHS is dedicated to providing a fair, sustainable, and lucrative opportunity to all who are willing to learn and work.

Many have traveled this path already.  Thousands of lives have been changed.  Millions have been earned.  What you do makes a difference! Join the CS team of health and wealth experts today.

Join Today!

This journey begins with the first step.  The opportunity is available right now.  Steadily your circumstances will rise as you connect with others, learn and thrive.  We are committed to collaborating with you to make a difference in many lives… including yours…

Comp Plan Booklet

Read the booklet and begin your journey of learning about health and wealth.  This booklet will teach you about our products, give you guidance and tips about overall health, and give you key information about our generous compensation plan in which you can earn money and teach others how to do the same!  Click below to begin studying…

Bonuses and Awards

CS Binary Tree Bonus

The CS Hybrid plan pays for matching pairs on each leg of your binary tree - Earn a generous bonus month after month many levels deep.

CS Direct Referral Bonus

As each new Marshal you sign up makes his qualification purchase, you will earn 25% to the total IQP value for your direct referral.

CS Unilevel Tree Bonus

The CS Hybrid earning system includes a Unilevel Monthly Bonus that has tremendous capacity for growth. Earning each month.

CS Merit Plus+ Bonus

Unique to Cleanshield. This addon bonus rewards those who excel in their work paying a bonus each month that specific goals are met.

Rank Advance Award

Each time a Marshal advances a rank, an award is given, larger with each advance - including a splendid international trip

Rapid Growth Car Award

Yes, there is a car award - a Toyota Corolla - for those who excel and achieve a PV target level, each time you achieve it.

Preferred Retail Buyer Bonus

Sign up a buyer who wants the discount but not to do the business and earn a bonus with every purchase they make - forever.

Retail Sales Earnings

Purchase CS products at your discount and resale at Retail Pricing - that profit belongs to the Marshal. Your purchases earn a 6% rebate.