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Health Products Worthy of an Empire

CleanShield is an all natural, non-toxic alkaline supplement.  This is not an alkaline water.  It’s an alkaline concentrate.  Water hydrates. CleanShield neutralizes acidity, fast!  Drinking just 30ml (1oz), three times per day, helps reduce acidity and inflammation in your body.  Disease causing elements do not thrive in a body with balanced pH.  With a balanced pH, the body is free to focus on what it does best: keeping you healthy!

Imagine a hair aid that “does it all”.  Smooth n Easy (SnE) is a  beauty salon in a bottle that solves a great many hair problems.  Many of the most effective beauty accessories you use are not only expensive, but very difficult to implement.  Itchy scalp, hair breakage, excessive odors, and short life of extensions and wigs: use Smooth n Easy to solve these problems.  SnE will treat scalp itch, simplify removal of extensions without breakage or tangles, eliminate odors, and extend wear time of wig and extension.  Once you make these discoveries and experience how much easier it becomes to look your beautiful best more easily, you will never be without SnE.

CleanShield HS – Healthy Skin is an health and beauty product that exfoliates painlessly, performs deep skin and wound cleanses, and reduces blemishes and wrinkles.  It fights pain, infection, irritation, and itches.  Sooth and reduce many types of relentless skin conditions including acne, eczema, and psoriasis.  Assist the body in fighting burns, lesions, bed sores, diabetic sores, skin ulcers and much more.  CleanShield HS is like a clinic in a bottle for your skin.  Use it as part of your daily skin regimen for the best results!

Take a brief video tour of our facility!  We are able to produce as many as two containers per month at our facility and are ready to ship worldwide!

More and more people are learning about CleanShield every day.  Its wide variety of uses means we get many different stories about what it has done.  See what some of those people are saying about their experiences.

See how we started, how we got to where we are, and where we’re going.  We believe everyone has the right to live healthy and free.  We intend to bring it to them!