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Smooth ‘n Easy

Beauty Salon At Home

Imagine a hair aid that “does it all”.  Smooth n Easy (SnE) is a  beauty salon in a bottle that solves a great many hair problems.  This home beauty salon “tool” will change your life.  Many of the most effective beauty accessories you use are not only expensive, but very difficult to implement.  Itchy scalp, hair breakage, excessive odors, and short life of extensions and wigs. Use Smooth n Easy to solve these problems.  SnE will treat scalp itch, simplify removal of extensions without breakage or tangles, eliminate odors, and extend wear time of wig and extension.  Once you make these discoveries and experience how much easier it becomes to look your beautiful best more easily, you will never be without SnE. Here is a list of benefits SnE brings into your personal hair care home salon…

Beauty Benefits

  • Easy extension removal
  • No painful de-tangle procedure
  • No breakage of natural hair
  • Non-chemical (your body will love it)
  • No odor (in fact it destroys odors)
  • All natural (inorganic minerals)
  • Non-toxic (actually rated the same as drinking water)
  • Extend wear time on wigs
  • Extend wig life
  • Repel dirt and oil
  • Enhance scalp health
  • Encourage natural hair growth
  • Instant cleanse (dry shampoo)
  • Resist dandruff and itching
  • Natural elimination of odor causing conditions
  • Cleanse and hydrate hair root system


  • Spray on moderately and wait for weave to soften
  • Remove extensions easily and painlessly without tangle or pain
  • Use directly on scalp to resist dandruff or cleanse and control odor
  • Spray on extension or wig to resist dust and oil
  • Do not over apply
  • Dry with clean, dry towel when necessary

    The disciplines of beauty are easy with SnE hair care spray.  12 oz spray.  Active Ingredient: sodium carbonate

Smooth’n Easy Flyer

Download the flyer and send to family, friends, colleagues…anyone you want to spread the knowledge to!